15 Non-Toursity Photo Spots in Paris, According to an Insider

There’s no place quite as romantic as Paris. The City of Light is adored by many seasoned travelers from around the world. From its delightful morning scenes at a classic cafe, to the slow, lush evenings by the Seine, and the nostalgic jazz clubs filling the air with music, it’s majestic and filled with opportunities for photos.

paris Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler
Photo by Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler

Yes, Paris inspires and romances every person who traipses through its hallowed streets. Today, we’re sharing a collection of some of our photos that are sure to inspire you to travel to Paris — either again, or for the first time! 

The Abbey Bookshop paris Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler
The Abbey Bookshop (Photo by Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler)

The Abbey Bookshop

As a literary capital of the world, Paris is adored by book lovers and writers. Be sure to spend a few hours sifting through its used books stores — the Abbey Bookshop is a must! The city truly is a haven for art and literature lovers.

Pigalle Basketball paris Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler
Pigalle Basketball (Photo by Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler)

Pigalle Basketball

Paris isn’t all art and nouveau architecture. The Pigalle Basketball court is a brightly colored art and athletic stop. Locals and spectators hang out in this unexpected bold and modern corner of Paris.

Montmartre paris Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler
Montmartre (Photo by Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler)


Quiet and artsy nooks of Montmartre are best enjoyed in the morning when the city is slowly awakening. You’ll find older, brightly colored homes, ivy covered walls, and a nostalgic sense of what Paris must have been like in the 1920s.

29 Avenue Rapp paris Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler
29 Avenue Rapp (Photo by Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler)

29 Avenue Rapp

This Art Nouveau building located on 29 Avenue Rapp is absolutely picture-perfect. The exterior has a look completely its own, with organic shapes, bright colors and abstract details. Hidden in its wooden door and along its motifs, you can find all sorts of hidden exotic animals, from peacocks to lizards, reptiles and bulls. Get your camera ready for this gem.

Picasso Museum paris Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler
Picasso Museum (Photo by Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler)

Picasso Museum

The architecture of this museum is just as beautiful as the artwork. Inside you’ll find iconic French architectural details adorning the walls, along with Picasso’s beloved pieces. The Picasso Museum has a great rotation of the artist’s work, along with a rotating schedule of special exhibitions, so it’s always a new experience. 

Passage du Grand-Cerf paris Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler
Passage du Grand-Cerf (Photo by Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler)

Passage du Grand-Cerf

This hidden passage in the Montorgueil district harbors specialty, vintage shops, and more. The covered arcade is one of the largest ones in the city. Besides its architectural beauty, photographers will love its gorgeous little shops, filled with trinkets.

Plaza Athenee paris Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler
Plaza Athénée (Photos by Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler)

Plaza Athénée

With luxurious interiors and iconic Eiffel Tower views, the Plaza Athénée is one of the most picturesque hotels in the City of Lights.

Courtyard Marriott Gare De Lyon paris Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler
Courtyard by Marriott Gare De Lyon (Photo by Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler)
paris Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler
La Comtessee (Photo by Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler)

Courtyard by Marriott Gare De Lyon & La Comtessee

The views from the rooms of this hotel, located near the Gare De Lyon station are unbeatable and unique since it’s a bit outside of the city center. Whereas, if you stay in the middle of the city, you’ll find views of the Parisian rooftops, facades and possibly the Eiffel Tower, like at the La Comtessee. 

Le Train Blue paris Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler
Le Train Blue (Photo by Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler)

Le Train Blue

Would you believe this is right above a train station? A hidden gem inside the Gare de Lyon train station, Le Train Blue is something right out of a French film.

Au Vieux Paris d'Arcole paris Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler
Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole (Photo by Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler)

Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole

One of Paris’ most photo-worthy facades is located near the Notre Dame Cathedral. This cafe has such a charming look — and the overgrown ivy and foliage gives it a storybook feel. Be sure to also check out the courtyard next door, where you’ll find repurposed gravestones paving its floor.

Cafe Le Nemours paris Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler
Cafe Le Nemours (Photo by Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler)

Cafe Le Nemours

The perfect cafe stop if you’re visiting the gardens of Palais-Royal, the Cafe Le Nemours is legendary. This cafe is well visited by locals, making it the perfect hangout spot to people watch. Sip champagne or espresso while enjoying its upscale feel. 

Brasserie Lipp paris Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler
Brasserie Lipp (Photo by Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler)

Brasserie Lipp

Everyone from literary figures to celebrities to political figures have dined at this Parisian institution and it stands as one of the oldest Brasseries in Paris. 

Le Bonaparte paris Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler
Le Bonaparte (Photo by Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler)

Le Bonaparte

Another iconic cafe in the St. Germain area is Le Bonaparte with its fun awning and terrace views of the Abbey Church. Le Bonaporte is a refuge within bustling Paris with a tranquil, village feel. You’ll find plenty of young artists here, working and discussing their next masterpiece. 

Merci Cafe paris Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler
Merci Cafe (Photo by Nastasia Yakoub/Dame Traveler)

Merci Cafe

This Italian style cafe and department store is located in Paris’ Le Marais neighborhood and is filled with books on the inside and this red Fiat greets you in the courtyard.