Elinchrom Launches New ONE Off Camera Flash

Elinchrom is expanding its lineup of light-shaping tools with its new Elinchrom ONE, the brand’s first battery-powered monolight. The ONE builds upon Elinchrom’s jam-packed lighting roster, giving creators a versatile accessory with impressive power of up to 725 full-power flashes on one charge — and a portable construction at just 3.3 pounds. Adding to the power and portability perks, the Elinchrom ONE boasts an intuitive touchscreen for a seamless user experience and a recycle time of just 0.9 seconds at full power.

Here’s everything we know about the new Elinchrom ONE battery-powered monolight, which is available for preorder today.

Photo from Elinchrom

Elinchrom ONE Key Features

The Elinchrom ONE isn’t your average monolight. This battery-powered workhorse of a light-shaping tool is compact — roughly the size of a 70-200mm lens—but deceivingly powerful. It can accommodate up to 725 full-power flashes from one charge. Photographers can connect the Elinchrom ONE to a power source to continue shooting while charging. This is ideal for event days or long shoots. Also, with the built-in touchscreen interface and bicolor LED modeling lamp with an adjustable color temperature of 2700 to 6500, the user experience is nothing if not seamless. The Elinchrom ONE’s key features include:

  • Portable construction at 3.3 pounds
  • Integrated Li-Ion battery with 725 full-power flashes in one charge
  • USB-C charge port
  • Enables shooting while charging
  • Natively compatible with Profoto OCF and Elinchrom bayonet mount (via adapter)
  • Clear touch screen interface
  • Bicolor LED modelling lamp with color temperatures of 2700 to 6500 and output of 3000 Lumens plus CRI 95
  • Recycle speed of 0.9 seconds at full power
  • Can sync up to 1/8000s with HSS
  • TTL with manual lock
  • Adapts cooling cycle around shooting style
  • Removable tilt head

A powerful light-shaping system

The Elinchrom ONE is packed with light-shaping features. Its Li-Ion battery provides up to 725 full-power flashes on one charge, with a handy active backup option— charging while still shooting — for those long and intense event days. The ONE’s clear touch-screen interface offers an intuitive and smooth user experience. Plus, with a versatile color range of 2700 to 6500, and an output of 3000 Lumens and a CRI 95, the ONE is more than a light-shaping solution. It’s a boon to photographic creativity.

Built-in speed, precision, and customization

Elinchrom’s newest light-shaping tool works around your own photography preferences with a smart cooling system that interprets and adjusts to your shooting cycle. At the same time, the Elinchrom ONE can sync up to 1/8000s with HSS to adapt to the scene. Also, its removable two-way tilt-head with an umbrella detaches for more comfortable handheld shooting.

A compact and travel-friendly design

With a 3.3-pound construction that’s roughly the size of a 70-200mm lens, the Elinchrom ONE is more than powerful — it’s astonishingly portable. The travel-friendly tool means you can light-shape on the go. Additionally, with a USB-C charge port, you don’t have to pack one proprietary charger. You can power up this tool with whichever device fits best in your bag.