Fisker Ronin is electric four-seat convertible with 660-mile range

Autocar’s CEO confirms that Ronin, a UK-developed product, will be the only one of its kind

Fisker, a US company, has unveiled the Project Ronin electric sports car. It promises an incredible range and is unique as a four-door convertible.

Henrik Fisker, founder and CEO of the company, has told Autocar that the Ronin, which is being developed at Fisker’s Magic Works facility in the UK by former Aston Martin special vehicle boss Dave King, will be a “four-door electric luxury sedan” with an opening roof.

He explained that this is a “big challenge” as it requires a “unique, innovative, strong, lower rocker structure to make up for the absence of a B pillar and to be able sustain side impacts.” Although there are currently no four-door electric sports cars, Wiesmann, a German company, has unveiled its Project Thunderball, a two door roadster that produces 671bhp with a time of 2.9secs from 0 to 62mph.

Fisker also confirmed that the Ronin will have a range of 660 m on the WLTP cycle – which is indeed more than any production car currently in sale – and that it will be equipped with a tri-motor drivetrain to get it from 0-60 mph in under two seconds.

The company is still finalizing the design and positioning of a fourth model.

After the Fisker Ocean SUV, and the Fisker Pear small car, the Ronin will be the third model of the American brand’s lineup. Henrik Fisker stated that the Ronin will feature advanced lightweight materials, a focus on performance, range, and overall driving enjoyment.

The vehicle will be equipped with active aerodynamics, a new battery design and integrated storage for the pack.

Fisker promised it would have the spirit “a proper British sport car” and called it “a redefinition luxury sports car of tomorrow”.

It will have unique doors and an interior vegan design.

Henrik Fisker stated that the goal is to have the longest range of an electric vehicle in production, and also high performance. Project Ronin will showcase our internal engineering, powertrain, and software capabilities.