Mexico and Maldives top long-haul routes, but why not look closer to home?

New Skyscanner data shows that Mexico and the Maldives are two of the most sought-after long-haul destinations by Europeans in this year’s Skyscanner data.

Hugh Aitken is vice president of the flight search platform. “Accordingly to our most recent analysis, destinations like Cancun and the Maldives as well as Dubai and Orlando are proving very popular with winter sun seekers,” he said.

The fastest-growing routes in the world include the Netherlands, UAE, Mexico, Switzerland, Mexico, Germany, Costa Rica and Spain to Egypt. Website analysed “redirects” – when customers click through to a travel agency to book their flights – and compared them with 2019 levels.

With a 245 percent increase in redirects, Heathrow-Orlando was the top choice for leisure routes between airports. About:blank

These four spots were all from European airports to Cancun with its stunning white beaches and bustling resort life.

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People are not wasting any time in booking winter sun. Trips of 7 to 29 days make up about a third of all bookings on Skyscanner’s global platforms. This is a 25% increase over 2019. According to Skyscanner, bookings for horizons less than one week have increased by two-thirds.

To save on airline miles, here are some places to visit in Europe

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Aitken says that 2021 was dominated by domestic and short-haul air travel. However, Aitken believes that international medium and long haul travel will be back in 2022 as traveller demand increases and restrictions are updated.

The good news for global tourism is not necessarily great news for the planet. You might be interested in looking closer to home if reducing carbon emissions is something you are concerned about.

It all depends on what you are looking for. You can search Orlando online to give your children a Disney-like experience. You might also consider visiting Paris’s Disneyland or the colorful Legoland of Denmark.

If you’re drawn to the rich biodiversity of Costa Rica or Mexico, why not visit some of Europe’s most beautiful natural areas? We love the Dalmation Coast, which runs between Montenegro, Croatia, and Georgia, as well as the Douro River valley, which runs from Spain to Portugal.

There are many sunny beaches in our area, from the Cote d’Azur and Rhodes – where a new sustainable tourist ‘laboratory’ has been established.

Providers of sustainable holiday options

If you really want to embark on a long-haul adventure, there are other sustainable options.

It is a good idea to begin with organisations that have signed up for the Glasgow Declaration on Tourism.

Responsible travel is an activist travel company that offers customized trips that favor small, local accommodations and restaurants. You might not want to visit the top resorts in Cancun but these trips offer a more authentic experience of Mexican culture.