Security Camera Nest Cam Moves Outdoors

Nest Cam was introduced to the world by security startup Nest less than a year ago. The Nest Cam is affordable and can be installed anywhere in your home. It can also be controlled wirelessly via an app from your smartphone. Nest will soon release an outdoor model in September.


It’s almost identical to the original model. The camera has a 130-degree wide-angle view and the ability to zoom in to get a closer look if you spot anything suspicious. The Nest app allows you to rewind the video and see what you missed, all in stunning 1080HD.


The Nest Cam Outdoor is smarter than the rest. It senses motion and sends alerts to your smartphone. The advanced algorithm allows depth sensing and face detection. This is quite remarkable considering that the whole package will cost at least three times as much as a standard home security system.


The outdoor model, like its indoor sibling, is weatherproof. It is also weatherproof so it will not be affected by rain damage. But that’s not all. Users can also create a network to connect the Outdoor Cam and the Indoor Cam. You can also use this network to control when the lights turn on and off.


These are the main specs:

  • Live video streaming available 24/7
  • 1080HD (3 megapixel sensor, 1/3 inch).
  • 8x digital zoom.
  • 8 Infrared LEDs for low light capture
  • You will receive sound and motion alerts to your mobile phone
  • Nest Aware subscription. Each camera comes with a 30-day free trial.
  • Power adapter and USB cable.
  • It’s easy to set up. Plug in and go.
Box Mockup_OutdoorCamera_v1