Canon Printers Think Canon Ink is Fake Due to Chip Shortage

Canon is having difficulty obtaining the chips attached to ink cartridges to confirm their legitimacy to its printers due to the global chip shortage. It has had to explain how customers can bypass its DRM.

Below is Canon’s statement. It has been machine translated from English.

We value you as both a customer, and as a regular user of Canon products.

Canon currently faces challenges in sourcing electronic components for our consumables (MFP) due to the global shortage of semiconductor parts. These components are used in the multifunction printers (MFP) such as e.g. B. B.

We have decided not to use semiconductor components in consumables until the normal supply is restored. This ensures that we can continue to supply consumables reliably and continuously.

Consumables that do not contain electronic components have no effect on the quality of printed output. However, certain functions such as the detection of the level of toner may be compromised.

Canon has issued instructions for how to fix the issue for 19 printer lines, as well as multiple models within each printer line.

This situation highlights the absurdity of DRM. Canon was sued recently for disabling scanning functionality on its printers when ink cartridges were empty. Now, it has to show customers how to get around the scare tactics it uses to convince customers to buy only “official” ink. Its error messages can also be ignored.

Louis Rossmann is a YouTuber, repair technician and advocate for consumer rights in technology products. He says he likes this set because it allows him to hit “OK” on an error message that’s not meaningful.

Rossmann states, “You shouldn’t be afraid to use third party ink in you printer.” Rossmann says that third-party ink has worked for me […] for 25 years. One positive thing that I see from the global chip shortage is that these chips are less useful. They are meant to prevent you from using something else or alert you if they are. I like the idea that they are discredit because when you tell consumers that you have just bypassed this message and just ignore it, it’s kind of low-key telling them that it doesn’t matter.

Rossmann claims that Canon printers, or any other manufacturer’s printers, can retain full functionality regardless if ink is first- or second-party. The company’s warnings in its software cannot be ignored without any repercussions on the printing quality.